At age 74, having survived two heart attacks, with blood pressure between 180/90 and 220/110, I was visiting hospital emergency wards on average 3 to 4 times a month; with my serious heart condition, I wasn’t offered by doctors much hope for continuing survival. They could not operate on me because I was too weak to survive a surgery – my heart was damaged to the point where it could not endure any invasive surgical procedure. In fact, I was prepared to die. I suffered from serious breathing problems and terrible chest pains that practically paralyzed me.
According to doctors, modern medicine wasn’t able to help me anymore. My life was concentrated on surviving one crisis after another. It was devastating to spend most of my days at home doing practically nothing for a few years. The worst crisis came when heart specialists said: “This is all we can do for you”, which meant they weren’t going to try anything else. My daughter had been trying for years to find the best combinations of vitamin and mineral supplements as an alternative therapy but this proved to be not enough anymore. After I took the first dosage of the heart drop Formula my quality of life rapidly improved from that moment on. Within a short time my chest pains started to diminish. The next weeks and months brought a gradual reduction of my blood pressure and I was able to breathe more easily.
My life slowly started returning back to normal. I felt better; in fact I felt so much better that, just two months after starting the therapy, I decided to visit my native Poland. Before that, doctors would never allow me to travel because I was too weak for a long flight. Now, my doctors could not believe their eyes, so dramatic was the change in my health. It has been five years now since the start of my therapy. Recently I went for a check-up to my heart specialist. He told me not to worry about my heart because it is as sound as in a healthy twenty-year-old woman.

F. Chocyk - Vancouver, BC Canada