GARLIC (Allium Sativum) (BULB)

The following summarizes scientific and medical research as well as health benefits of garlic:

  • regulates and maintains healthy blood pressure 
  • increases clot-dissolving activity of the blood (anti-clotting effects, reducing plaque formation in blood vessels) 
  • breaks down fibrous material (clots, plaque, and coagulated blood) 
  • improves elasticity of blood vessel walls 
  • reduces elevated undesired LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels 
  • increases the desired HDL cholesterol 
  • regulates the metabolism of fats and cholesterol 
  • reduces risk factors causing cardiovascular diseases and cancer 
  • increases resistance to cancer 
  • enhances detoxification of foreign compounds 
  • provides liver protection 
  • provides anti-microbial effect 
  • provides antioxidant effect 
  • stimulates anti-inflammatory activity 
  • stimulates immunomodulating activity - supporting the immune system 
  • reduces stress and fatigue - maintaining healthier function of the nerves 

Garlic may also help the body protect itself from heavy-metal accumulation, which can result from eating fish that may be high in mercury, or exposure to smog and heavy air pollution.

Our aged garlic extract provides the nutritional composition and therapeutic effectiveness of garlic without producing the offensive smell and irritability to the stomach.

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