At 58 I suffered a heart attack in 1996. Tests were done and the doctor confirmed heart problems. He prescribed several medications for my heart, cholesterol and high blood pressure.
I always had low blood pressure prior to this. One medication was Baycol which I took for three years before finding out that it had been banned for the damage it could cause to the liver. I was also taking several Tylenol #3 daily for back pain and muscle spasms in my legs due to a work related injury in 1980. In September 1999 I had Angioplasty for clogged arteries and advised that I would need by-pass surgery within a few months. The side effects of all these medications became worse on a daily basis with severe spasms in my body and excruciating headaches from the heart patch.

In October of 1999, I decided to stop taking all the prescribed medications, not something I would recommend to anyone, as I was told it could be dangerous but I could no longer live that way. In my case it proved beneficial to just take heart supplements as in time the pain and muscle spasms ceased. I still had Angina once in awhile and in August, 2003 I was hospitalized for 6 days. A Treadmill test was done also a MIBI test and an Electro Cardiogram which showed I still had heart problems. I refused to take any prescribed medications and told my doctor I wanted to continue the natural way with herbal supplements. He reluctantly agreed.

In October 2003, I started taking Heart of Gold Formula, heart drops and after approximately six months there was no more Angina pains. The same tests were repeated in January 2005 which showed my heart was fine. I had my last visit with the heart specialist who said that I no longer needed to see him and to keep doing what I was doing. I still take Heart of Gold regularly on a maintenance basis. My cholesterol and blood pressure are normal. I am now 69, never had by-pass surgery and feeling great.

J. Ketcheson
Nova Scotia, Canada