Dear Krystyna,

First of all want to thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Heart of Gold drops. After 5 years of constant pain I didn’t think anything would help me. My Church family had been praying for me for a couple of years, and God answered their prayers through you.

About 10 years ago my right ankle and foot started swelling. It would swell on and off for the first 5 years. We spent $12,000 on tests and x-rays of every kind you can imagine, and they never did find out what was causing the swelling. I finally said enough is enough and stopped going for anything else. By then my right foot, ankle, and leg were about twice the size of the left one, and they never went down anymore. They would swell bigger sometimes, but they never went down. The top of my right foot looked like a balloon had been blown up under the skin. I was taking water pills the doctor prescribed for me every day to try to take the excess water off of me. They didn’t work, but it did help some. At least my foot and leg didn’t explode!! I couldn’t wear regular shoes. Even buying larger sizes didn’t work because the top of my foot was so huge. I had to wear a big pair of flip-flops that didn’t bind on my foot or elastic bedroom slippers to Church and out in public. This was awful and even worse when it was raining! The swelling finally went all the way up my right side and for the last few years my whole right side was bigger than the left side. You could even see the difference in the size of the right side of my waist!

By then I was so miserable. I hurt constantly, and I LIVED on Advil, most of the time taking five and six doses a day. It would give me the only couple of hours relief I got the whole day and night. I would take a couple of Advil to be able to go to sleep and sometimes wake in the night in so much pain I would have to take something else. The pain was an ache way down deep inside and sometimes I would just sit and rub my leg and just cry from the ache and weariness. My ears were screaming (they had gone past ringing!) from the amount of Advil and pain meds I was taking.

In January 2005 my husband, W.C. Godwin, had a heart attack and 4-way bypass surgery with many setbacks. They had to put in a pacemaker because he died twice and he was gone so long the last time that his organs started shutting down. When they got the pacemaker in and working everything came back except his kidneys. He is still having problems with his kidneys.

He was in the hospital 3 weeks and had only been home one week when he had to go back in with congestive heart failure. He stayed one week that time. In the past 3 years he has been in and out of the hospital 7 or 8 times with different problems. By the time they got through medicating him he is on 10 different medications a day, and he has been on as many as 16 different medications a day. This was going from someone who MIGHT take a couple of aspirin a year. He really does hate having to take all this medication.

Last September (2007) he walked to the farm next door just to talk with the guys. Mr. Everett Masters works for the people who own the farm. My husband asked him how he was doing, and Mr. Masters told him that he felt better than he had felt in years (Mr. Masters is 71) and started telling my husband about the Heart of Gold drops and the wonderful results he was getting from them, and about how good the man who got him on the drops (Charles Falkner) was doing. WC came home and told me what Mr. Masters had told him. Well - neither of us had felt good in a VERY long time. I originally wanted to get on the drops for us to have more energy. I told him if it helped us even half as much as Mr. Masters then it would be worth every penny.

We called Charles Falkner that day and he brought a bottle to us the next day. When he told us what Heart of Gold had done for him we knew for sure we wanted to try it. If Heart of Gold was able to get my husband off of even one of those high priced medicines we were now having to buy for him every month it would more than pay for a bottle of Heart of Gold for both of us. Even if he didn’t get off any medications, just to feel better would have been worth it all. We started taking it right away. This was September 13, 2007. Within 3 days the constant pain in my right leg was gone. Within 6 days the swelling started going down. My foot had been swollen on the top of my foot for so long that the skin wiggled when I walked!! My whole right side was smaller. There has been gradual improvement since then, and I hardly have any swelling.

When we started on the drops I weighed 235 pounds. Right away I dropped 15 pounds. I really think that initial weight loss was the swelling going down. Since then I have lost 25 more pounds for a total of 40 pounds. When I started in September I had a couple pair of jeans I wouldn’t even get over my hips. They are size 22. The smallest I could get into was a size 24 and they were so tight I could hardly breathe in them. Now I can’t wear them because they are too big - I can pull them up and down without unzipping them! I bought a new pair of jeans the beginning of January (2008) and they are size 16W. YEAH!

My husband has had a problem with night incontinence since his first heart attack in 1985. Most of the time he would have to go about every 30 minutes all night long. Needless to say, he didn’t get much sleep. This was really a problem before he retired. After just a few days on Heart of Gold he stopped having to get up at night except maybe a time or two. He is resting so well, and we are both feeling so very good. I told my husband the only way I will be without Heart of Gold is if you stop sending it to America (PLEASE DON’T!!!).

There are other things that are so much better since Heart of Gold. My skin looks so healthy. The whites of my eyes are really white instead of yellow. But the most wonderful of all is how good I feel, and how good my husband feels. Bless you again. Having relief from the constant pain has been such a marvelous miracle. I constantly thank God for you and Heart of Gold,

Joan & WC Godwin Florida, USA