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Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides)

Even though the history of sea buckthorn and its great medicinal and nutritional value can be traced back many centuries in Europe and Asia, it has only recently come to the attention of North Americans. The plant was fed to horses in ancient Greece, where it was found to improve their health and impart a gloss to their coat. The latter property explains the Latin name of this unique plant: Hippophae Rhamnoides -- "shiny horse".

Traditionally used to stimulate digestion, sea buckthorn provides nutritional support for the circulatory system over longer use, due to the presence of sea buckthorn flavonoids. The berries have proven to be among the most nutritious fruits known.

Sea buckthorn is being increasingly used in making fruit juices, especially when mixed with other fruits, because of its reputed health benefits. The freshly pressed juice is used in the treatment of colds and exhaustion. Russian cosmonauts have used its oil for protection against radiation burns in space.
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